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Paige Fire Station Receives grant from Bluebonnet Electric to purchase a Type 7 Brush ATV apparatus.  This unit will help fight fires in the tightest spots and help get personnel from point A to B on fire/rescue scenes.  This ATV is a 6x6 which holds 85 gallons of water and 7 gallons of foam and is able to place a patient rescue basket on the rear end of it.  Paige members are very proud of their new tool.  Thank you Bluebonnet Electric in making this happen!
Chief Gill and Paul Szymonek from Invisible Fence of Austin shaking hands after Paul donated 9 Pet O2 Mask to us.  Thank you Paul and Invisible Fence of Austin for your generous donation.  After we purchase the other kits with the funds from the GoFundMe fund raiser, we will be meeting with other departments within the county and giving each department Pet O2 Kits.